Monday, May 9, 2011

Zumba; I would be better if I were drunk

In the last few weeks I have made my exercise regimen of choice Zumba.
If you aren’t familiar with Zumba, my definition of it is : A mixture of high energy Latin moves, hip-hop, and a touch of belly dancing done at a fast pace to maintain optimum heart rate and still be low impact.
 For a more formal definition, check out the Wikipedia site.

Warning: You most likely will feel like an idiot while doing it.

In-between combinations of high speed salsa and meringue moves the instructor will yell “encouraging” things out like; let your body move, relax and feel the music , be sexy!
Things that all seem impossible for me to do during this solid hour of jumping and hip rolling.
Even though I have a background of dance training, I have never felt more white and awkward in my life.

 I really shouldn’t ,considering I’m in the same boat as the other 50 people in the class.
Which is an eclectic collection of woman (and one crazy man), who range in ages 18-50 in oversized T-shirts and easy tone sneakers.
It isn't this group so much that makes me feel out of place, I can relate to them and I can tell by their faces most of them feel just as out of place.
But it is the handful of girls who have the “flavor” and the disgustingly energetic instructors that make me want to go home and eat cheese on the couch.

My insecurity could also be because I don’t like watching myself in the mirror, or because I feel like the tallest girl there, but I really wish I could take this class drunk.

I say this for 2 reasons.
 One being that I can loosen up a little bit after a drink or four.
I stop being so self conscious and  I can just be myself a little more.
If I was drunk in class, I think I could focus way more on the task at hand and get a really good work out.

My second reason is that everyone thinks they can dance when they are drunk.
 Regardless of if they actually can or not, the drunk person always has a completely skewed perspective of themselves and they think they are awesome!

So even if alcohol didn’t actually MAKE me a better dancer by helping me to let my guard down, it would at least make me think I was. That’s all that really matter I guess.


Carly said...

My cousin is a Zumba instructor in Paris, and has gotten in ridiculously good shape. I've been too nervous to try it myself. Where do you go?

Stephanie said...

Your Zumba class looks 10x better than mine. I lost interest after 3 classes...

Katia said...

Yay Zumba! It's addicting! I cannot wait to get back into it! What nights do you typically go?

graciepie said...

Renton Dojo ZUmba 3- Across from Sam's club. Usually tues, thurs. I keep attempting sat. but im lazy :)

Nikki said...

Please have a few and report back. I envision you changing the choreography before taking to the stage and then falling over and puking. I'll come to that class, just let me know when ;)

The Fancy Lady said...

this looks like they are drunk already lol
i'm so glad i found your blog it looks like we have a few things in common were both bakers and fashion loves lol

Katia said...

I haven't been to the new studio yet... I'm there as soon as the Dr. clears me for exercsing. I have a groupon to use up! See you soon!

graciepie said...

Katia you gotta get your butt in here. Its fun! Nikki... you are right, I would totally puke.

Lillies and Lace said...

i tried zumba like 3 yrs ago and walked out within the first minute because i'd never felt so uncoordinated in my life. super awkward. never going back.

Angela said...

Gracie- I say we try it.. We'll meet at Crapplebee's, have a few cocktails & walk down to Zumba tipsy!