Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Airstream Wedding

I am so in love with the concept of serving food, snacks, drinks or treats from vintage trailers and food carts. 
I have yearned for an Airstream trailer since I was little.
I don't think my Camaro has the towing power to lug one around but I would be happy to let it sit in my yard just the same!

Here is a collection of great wedding ideas I have gathered to share that all include the love of the Airstream.
If anything, they make for a sweet photo opportunity!
These couples all hit it right on the head.

The Airstream Bar


The after Party

Drinks and Buffet

A Green Wedding

Or a perfect wedding night suite!

A few extra lovelies:



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Becky said...

Oh how cute! You always find the cutest stuff!!!!