Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The almost white wedding dress

Popular is the white dress with colored accents & panels.
I am not a fan.
I think it looks tacky.
 This is my blog and I get to say what I want on it.

I am however, a fan of being unique and incorporating colors in unusual ways.
I found a great solution.
The colored button

Such a small touch but I love it!

If that isn't dramatic enough for you, here are some other little touches:

Colored Corset Ribbons 

Colored Crinoline

Colored Shoes

Go completely nontraditional and do a full colored dress



Love, Chelsea said...

I love love love those little green buttons! How perfect!

graciepie said...

Yes! They are just so sweet looking on the back. I love them.

Lady J said...

i love the turquoise and pink dress!

Aubree said...

Hi, do you know who the designer is for the dress 9th photo..bride with orange heals/birdcage veil and guy in the vest and chucks? LOVE that dress and have been searching for the designer!


graciepie said...

I just shot you an email!
It looks like the Sophie dress from Priscilla of Boston to me.