Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confessions of a Shopoholic

Last week I made sure to stop at the mall because it was the beginning of the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale.
You know, the one where you fight the masses to dig through labeled bins of 32A and 38Ds to find the one  36C  that might be crawling at the bottom.
There are always good deals to be had, but sometimes you really have to work for them.
 I am lucky enough to live near one of the few Victoria's Secret PINK stores.
The store is devoted specifically to the PINK line that most VS carry a portion of in their main stores.
I am pretty much addicted to their lounge wear.
 Yes, I know I am nearing 30... and this line is geared toward college ladies.
 But hey, if I can fit into it, damn it, I am going to wear it!
There will be a day when I am sure it won't fit.
 So, for now I am going to enjoy myself.
 I made out with a pretty good haul.

I was really hoping to find some hoodies I liked but it was slim pickings.

After the PINK store, I headed down to the regular VS which also happens to be one of the larger stores in the nation with a completely separate room devoted to their beauty products.
Most of which were 75% off!
 I was able to get a bronzer and blush for just $3.50 each!
When I worked Seasonal for VS in College they told us in training that VS makeup is made by the same manufacturer as MAC.
I hadn't doubted this was the truth since then.
 I have always been happy with the performance of their products.
 However, I did some research prior to posting this blog entry and was unable to find any information to back this information up!
 So... it may or may not be true.
 I like their makeup either way and if you are a MAC girl and you haven't given VS a try, you should & yourself a few bucks!

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