Friday, June 3, 2011

Gawd Awful

Why was this dress ever made in the first place?
While I was in Arizona, Amy and I went shopping.
We wandered in a dress store that had some really neat stuff.
Like the dress Lauren Alaina wore on American Idol.
So in love with this dress.
It's part pageant, part November rain.
Lined in Leopard print.

It also had some really horrid stuff.
Which I insisted Amy try on so I could take a photo of her in.
 Tah Dah

Yes, those are butterfly appliques adornng the bust. 
Acompanied by a sheer lime green corset.
I think the matching scarf is a nice touch.
Worst part; there were only 2 left on the rack.
That means someone is buying these.

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