Thursday, June 2, 2011

I miss Golden Spoon

Where did all the frozen yogurts go?!
( and the cowboys too)

There is a special place in my heart for frozen yogurt.
I remember when i was a little kid and I had to go grocery shopping with my mom.
We would go to the old Safeway in  Renton.

(Yep, this is a real pic of the ol' place!)

 They had a frozen yogurt machine in the store and bins with an assortment of toppings.
This was my good behavior treat.... bribe if you will. 
I have such a specific memory of ridding in the grocery cart with my mom pushing it and getting to fill my little cup with vanilla frozen yogurt and top it with gummy bears.
They always got super hard from the cold and were difficult to actually eat, but they are still a topping favorite. I like a challenge I guess.

Anyway, that yogurt machine was taken out and the store was torn down, to make room for the bigger better Super Safeway that now stands in that lot.
I longed for that soft creamy frozen yogurt from the machine for many years after.
Nothing compared, no soft serve, no sorbet, not even the frozen yogurt machine at Zoopa's Salad bar quenched the thirst for the delicious yogurt I remembered.

Then I moved to San Diego and discovered Golden Spoon.

The most delightful fro yo shops there is.
There were 3 locations within 15 miles of my house.
 I went at all hours.
Morning, lunch breaks, night time, after the gym.
They had an assortment of flavors, all low calorie and fat free.
Along with tons of toppings.
Best of all, they didn't break the bank on my 10.00/hr. budget and they had stamp cards too!
 ( I love stamp cards, I feel like I am being rewarded for being a customer)
When I took my first bite, I felt like I was back in a grocery store shopping cart.

Finally I found the yogurt of my dreams!

Then I moved back to Seattle and I am again, searching for the perfect yogurt.
Don't get me wrong, I am happy about the new fro yo fad and all the little shops popping up around the area. I think its a great treat that should be enjoyed by all!
But, none of them taste like Golden Spoon! 
I have done some research and they offer franchising.... I suppose I could  always open up my own shop!

Thankfully, Arizona happens to be home to some Golden Spoon locations and I happened to go there over Memorial Day weekend. 
Let's just say, I made up for lost time.

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Hvnly's World said...

I love Golden Spoon! There is one here within 4 miles of my home. I used to frequent the place more often that the employees new me and my daughter ad could pretty mug guess what we would order ;-)

I've had other fro yos but NOTHING compares to the sweet goodness that is Golden Spoon...I may have to go there today to indulge in some of it!