Thursday, June 30, 2011

The leaning Mirror

I have been searching for a leaning mirror for my house for over a year.
They are all way to expensive.
I found a contender last year at Ikea for $99.00, which was a steal of a deal considering all the other ones I found were $400.00 and up.
Like these

 I just couldn't bring myself to buy it though.
 It had a thick wood frame around it and even if I painted it white or stained it, I knew I wouldn't be 100% happy with it.

 I am glad I held out.
 I found the perfect mirror at Marshalls!
 It was $99.00 and it has a thick resin antique white baroque trim.
 It's a solid trim too, not the flimsy plasticy casted kind that you find a lot of frames in this style made out of.
Which happens to match perfectly with the bed i got for my master bedroom.
( That is still under construction)

Check it out:

(It's temporary home in the living room as my workout mirror)

And in recent discoveries... this mirror turns out to make you look 20 lbs lighter than you actually are!
 I don't know if it is due to the fact that it is leaning and not hanging on the wall or if the mirror its self is warped.
 I'm not sure how I feel about this.
 I know a lot of people have a "skinny" mirror in their house.
It makes me feel great when I look in it,
but at the same time , I know it is a liar.
Anyone else have this problem?!
My plan is to put it in the walk in closet.
Like this


Nikki said...

What a steal! I like that last one with the mirrored frame too. You should ask it why it lies. I think the appropriate wording is..."mirror mirror on the wall"

kayleigh said...

um hi SEXIEST woman in the mirror! sup with that dress! i hope steve did justice to that! ;)

Jessie Carlson said...

One of the best aspects of leaner mirrors is that you can change your mind and set it in a different spot or a different location. By including a wall mirror you would possibly liven the room. This can be a huge enhancement for compact spaces simply because the added light can make the space look larger than it actually is.