Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Master Creations

I changed my mind about the plans for my master suite.
I thought i wanted light , airy and blue.
See original Inspiration Here

Lately I have been finding some darker shades more appealing.
I think I can still have a pop of blue in the room, but I am loving charcoal grey walls!
I know, dark paint in a room, scary!
In my case though, I think it would work great.
Since the bedroom is upstairs and i have sloped ceilings from the roof line, I would leave those sections white.
Similar to this:

So the dark paint would be on the lower half of both sides as well as the back wall that the white bed will be against.
 Here is my inspiration thus far.

Still planning to use the mirrored side tables I bought

Love these drapes but I think if I went with the bedding below it would be too much.

But.... then again, I really like the light blue




Stephanie said...

I like the grey. Definitely. Very chic.

Carly said...

I looove dark walls. I'm trying to convince B to paint our bedroom a dark blue. Maybe I should show him your blog?

Nikki said...

I have grey walls in our bedroom. I even painted the closet doors grey and I love it!