Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Favorites

Mini Cherry Pies

Bows & Heels

Great Art

Everything about this photo

Bleach blonde hair

Pie Apron!

Sweetheart Seats

Long live the King Dome
( Yes, that's a little Steve)


Love, Chelsea said...

Now I'm hungry and want to go shoe shopping! Sweet outfit Steve.

Angela said...

That apron is super cute! And that pic of Steve! Classic, really!
And although I love Gwen's hair, not a fan of the gums... lol

kayleigh said...

haha i love the little steve with kingdome too. and you need to own that pie apron. and make some of those mini cherry pies, yummmmmyumyummyyy

Nikki said...

PIE!! I love minatures. I also wish I had forced everyone to wear suspenders for my wedding. Oh well, next one ;)