Friday, July 29, 2011

Upcycled Repurposed

a few good ideas.

Soda Crates & Suitcases made storage

Or cat bunk bed

mismatched made shabby chic

barn wood made planter box

Map made garland

Bed frame made bench seat

Thrift store made Entertainment unit

Factory Flat made coffee table

If only we could all be so clever.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD Tuesday

Tuesday: what i wore.

New top from Nordstrom (Tart)
Undertank- H&M
Sweater- Lauren Conrad
Boots-Fergie (Ledger)

Rosary I got on my trip to Italy
Long Chain I Found in Grandma's Jewelry box
Short rhinestone chain- mom

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's raining babies

No, not mine.
This weekend I co-threw a baby shower for a friend in Wenatchee.
We had a good turn out and great weather.
The baby to be is named Dakota and he will be joining us in September!

I was in charge of decor and activities for the day.
We did jungle theme.
Here is the banner I crafted for the party.

The CCC (CupCake Cake)
It is suppose to be a baby carriage... see it?!
Note: I did not make this.
If you want a few giggles and some horrible examples of more CCC's go HERE

On the other hand.... it could have been worse...

Want to see more?

Back to the party.

The Grandmother to be made a great diaper cake full of goodies!
This is not edible in case you don't know what a diaper cake is.
Google it.
I'm sick of Linking stuff.

The diaper cake I brought!

For an activity and alternative to the dreaded games we did Onsie decorating!

Finished Products

The two I made

The sister in law's
 (SO cute!)
And she is also preggo with a due date the following month!

For the long drive back to Seattle of course I had to make a pit stop for a Cherry Limeaid.
We don't have Sonic near by us, so this is my self reward when I head back East.

A weekend well spent!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picking your battles and the 5 ft Chicken

Recently I was introduced to a new blog written by a hilarious woman, The Bloggess, who writes for the Houston Chronicle.
This particular blog entry had me laughing out loud and spitting out my lunch.
I immediately forwarded it on to all my friends.
Who in turn forwarded it to their friends and the beat goes on.
 If it hasn't made it's way to you yet, you can read it HERE. 
 It is a story about picking your battles and the repercussions of a bad argument, which may or may not include a 5 foot metal chicken named Beyonce'.

I received a lot of replies from female friends telling they thought this post great and how awesome it would be to obtain  Beyonce' to leave on door steps of unsuspecting folk.

However, there was one nay sayer, my husband.
 He did not find this story funny at all!
 No, he read it and said he felt bad for poor Victor and
 "This couple obviously needed to focus on their relationship and work on things!"
 I was flabbergasted.
I didn't take that away from the post at all.
So, I had a male coworker read it and asked his opinion.
His response was similar to my husbands, as was my dad's and 2 of my friend's husbands as well!
Apparently this was written by a woman for other woman and men could just not find the humor in it.
I mean, yes Victor does fall victim to his wives incessant taunting and pays a bigger price than the damn towels would have cost , but it's still funny.

So, anyway, I hadn't realized that this blog post had spread like wildfire until friends started posting giant chickens on Facebook and tagging their friends in them, who were obviously other readers of the story.

It appears that it has become a mission in life to now find and document all the 5ft metal chickens we can find and that's just fine with me.
 Knock Knock Motherf*ckers!

Me , Angela & Gina in Chelan

Found by Amy in Globe AZ

Found by Nicole in Vantage WA

Have you had a Beyonce' sighting?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sh*t my dad says

I decided this warranted a post because sometimes, parents say the darnedest things.

Location: The Miss Washington Pageant
Time: Intermission
I am looking at "the facebook" on my phone.
Someone is tagged in a tattoo artists album.
It is a woman with a huge vegetable tattooed on her stomach region.
Its really pretty ... but totally random.

I show it to my dad , who is sitting next to me.
Me: Hey, I think I will go get a radish tattooed on me today
Dad: Wow, why would someone get that?!
Me: I don't know, people usually have some kind of reason though
Dad: Maybe it was a nickname
Me: What was a nickname?
Dad: Radish Belly. All her friends were like " Hey, Radish Belly ,what's up!?"
Me:  * confused stare*
Dad: Radish Belly Radish Belly Radish Belly

Location: Tavern for dinner
Time: After Pageant
Dad: Aren't you going to finish your fries?
My sister: Meh... they aren't crispy, they are all limp
Dad: Oh, like Dicks
Me: * Confused stare*
Dad: Dick's Drive In, the burger place....
Me: Oooooh

Monday, July 18, 2011

A case of the Mondays

Book Shelves.
How freaking cleaver

Barbies in the sandbox

A cake- tastrophe

Smart Billboards

A Perfect little house and car!

A raccoon tea party!

Cookie saver coffee mug 

A kiss goodbye

( Do you think this picture was candid or planned?)

You said it.

Better than a closed sign

 In my home gym I would have this quote

Because I can't resist anything with sprinkles!

Work: I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be.

Friday, July 15, 2011

T & A ( Tattoos and Aerosol)

I am always looking at tattoos, just for fun and for inspiration.
I have noticed a trend though.
All the tattoo pictures I am coming across are of girls with amazing hair!
Is that some sort of criteria for having ink?
 I hope not, because I am way too lazy to get our my curling iron every morning.

I love everything about this photo.

See what I mean?! Great hair!

They are also all gorgeous girls... which I KNOW isn't criteria to have ink done.
 I live in Renton after all, I have seen my share of undesirable ladies, if you will.
 I am glad that tattoos aren't just for the *trashies* anymore though.
I just wish the rest of the world would catch on so I could stop getting the stink eye in Zumba when I take my hoodie off!
Just another reason to go to class drunk I suppose.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garage Sale Weekend

This weekend kicked off with a much anticipated garage sale.
Only in Renton does a customer at your garage sale ask you if you happen to have any firearms or pot for sale or trade.
Unfortunately for him, I had neither.
Is it even legal to sell guns out of your driveway?
That seems sketchy.
Pot, I hear is illegal too.

When my husband and I acquired our house , the previous owners left an awful lot of “things” behind.
We had lots of tools and mechanical parts, wood working stuff and odds and ends.
After finally sorting out the items we wanted to keep, we drug the rest outside to make some money.
We did pretty well.
 If anything, it was worth having the sale due to the fact that we met almost everyone on the street.
Since we have moved into our house, we have only met our immediate neighbors on either sides of us.
We go walking/running around the neighborhood often and I notice all the neighborhood homes but don’t know who lives in any of them.
This was a nice opportunity for people to stop by and say hello and every single one of them did.
 Even the two meth heads 5 houses down came by to say hello… or to case the place.
We found out the house across the street from us is abandoned.
Which was news to me!
I thought they just worked weird hours.

(not actual house)
The house next to that one is kept really well outside but according to another neighbor it is like an episode of hoarders inside.
Which explains why the blinds on all the windows remain shut 24/7. 
Everyone wanted to know if we were making any changes to the house or if we were keeping things as they were.
When we mentioned the upstairs each one of them would cringe and say something like
“ Oh what a mess it is up there.”
I guess they have all been inside the house before, which kind of creeps me out since I haven’t been inside any of theirs. (That they know of.....).
 One neighbor came by and introduced herself and said “ I live next to the house with the yipping dogs.”
Later that day the neighbor with the dogs stopped by.
That person said “ I live down the street in the house with the dogs.”
 I thought to myself “ Oh, I heard about you…”
I even had a neighbor tell me she would bring me plant clippings to add to my yard.
Maybe that was just a nice way of telling me I needed some landscaping done.
 Kind of like how the guy 3 houses down asked our friend next door if he needed to
“ Borrow a lawn mower” because his grass was getting high.
It was really just a nice way of saying
“ Hey, mow your freakin’ yard, it’s ugly.”
I suppose an anal yardscaper is better than someone with dead cars and a boat covered with a tarp though.
 So we really can’t complain.