Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picking your battles and the 5 ft Chicken

Recently I was introduced to a new blog written by a hilarious woman, The Bloggess, who writes for the Houston Chronicle.
This particular blog entry had me laughing out loud and spitting out my lunch.
I immediately forwarded it on to all my friends.
Who in turn forwarded it to their friends and the beat goes on.
 If it hasn't made it's way to you yet, you can read it HERE. 
 It is a story about picking your battles and the repercussions of a bad argument, which may or may not include a 5 foot metal chicken named Beyonce'.

I received a lot of replies from female friends telling they thought this post great and how awesome it would be to obtain  Beyonce' to leave on door steps of unsuspecting folk.

However, there was one nay sayer, my husband.
 He did not find this story funny at all!
 No, he read it and said he felt bad for poor Victor and
 "This couple obviously needed to focus on their relationship and work on things!"
 I was flabbergasted.
I didn't take that away from the post at all.
So, I had a male coworker read it and asked his opinion.
His response was similar to my husbands, as was my dad's and 2 of my friend's husbands as well!
Apparently this was written by a woman for other woman and men could just not find the humor in it.
I mean, yes Victor does fall victim to his wives incessant taunting and pays a bigger price than the damn towels would have cost , but it's still funny.

So, anyway, I hadn't realized that this blog post had spread like wildfire until friends started posting giant chickens on Facebook and tagging their friends in them, who were obviously other readers of the story.

It appears that it has become a mission in life to now find and document all the 5ft metal chickens we can find and that's just fine with me.
 Knock Knock Motherf*ckers!

Me , Angela & Gina in Chelan

Found by Amy in Globe AZ

Found by Nicole in Vantage WA

Have you had a Beyonce' sighting?!


Lindsi said...

Too funny! I read the EXACT same blog post! It was pretty damn good!

Nikki said...

I think her relationship with Victor is the best part of her blog. I can't believe how patient he is! THe knock knock part killed me. That chicken at the front door, priceless.

Angela said...

I still need to have Chris read the blog... wonder what he'll think....

I agree, I was literally spitting out my food and crying from laughing too hard!

I'm glad we got our picture with the "other" Beyounce! :)

Becky said...

I read the same post and showed my husband and kids, they all think its fantastic and have been trying to help me find one of my own!!! I think I'll name her Fergie! Hahaha!