Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Traveling in Style

The possessions of my heart.....Always on my mind.
Besides my Chevy, my two other transportation loves would have to be the Shasta ( aka Canned Ham) Trailer and the classic Vespa.

Better than a tent

 ( It's my kitchen colors too!)

(Side note- This looks like the car I grew up ridding around in, which makes this photo even more joyous)

This picture makes me so happy.
I want to be in it, with Steve and the cat.. and a bottle of Riesling and some sandwiches.
 Perfect day.
(Yes, it looks like rain. Which I love)

Check out these adorable vintage signs I came across!

And Scooters
My dream Vespa is Old but in perfect shape, fast and boasts a sidecar

 And of course I would take my trusty sidekick along with me!
 She would just love the wind in her hair

Beep Beep!


Ashley said...

Ummm... I didn't know they even made vespas with sidecars. New dream!!

kayleigh said...

dont just take kitteh on the sidecar, i wanna come too!!! and also, get one of those campers asap!!!

graciepie said...

I am confident you could stick a side car on anything... and it would be awesome.

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, you should get them both!