Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Warriors Pt 2 & Water front property for less than a thousand bucks!

"I meant to post this last week but my Internet wasn't working and I couldn't get my photos uploaded!
So here it is, a little belated and outdated.
Just pretend it is June 29th. "

What did you do last weekend?
 Did you relax, enjoy the sun, go to the Pride parade and sip Starbucks?
Well, I sure as hell didn't!
 My family and I busted our butts working on the house all weekend long.
 I did happen to find a small treasure though.
 I was hoping for something more along the lines of money or vintage jewelry.. but I uncovered an old Seattle newspaper and Seattle PI from April of 1930.

Real Estate classifieds.... Look closely. That is 4 1/2 acres Water front property in Seattle for $975.00

Job listings were separate for Male & Female

And this was just weird.
Divorced Asked & Granted Listings.

There was also an article on Hitler in there too!
I have seen a million old papers and never paid much attention to them.
 They are just old and smelly.
What I thought was really cool about this paper is that chances are it was delivered to this house and read by the family who lived here and it never left!
That's kinda neat to know where it came from.
Then we scraped down wall paper, exposed studs and sanded moulding and window frames.
Then I primed and painted.
Check out the upstairs:


Looks like a hot mess doesn't it!?

You might remember the original post about the upstairs.


I drew where I wanted the electrical to go :)

My mom and I pulled all the vintage linoleum up.
Some of it crumbled into pieces but there are a few pieces that were salvageable.

Dad getting all the windows to work.
They were painted shut.

Here I am working hard and trying to avoid breathing in possible asbestos & lead paint
( I am re Model ing. Get it !? HA!)
Now it is on to electrical and then drywall.

In the mean time, Steve worked on the Pantry and my dad cut down tree branches out back.

We had a surprise visit by my sister and her bf

Then my aunt stopped by.
Then our friends Andrew and Cassie came over.
You might remember their wedding from last summer.

We cleaned up and walked over to Red House for dinner and drinks.

See, it's a Red house.. where I had champagne out of a can... with a straw.

Then watched Hall Pass on Demand.

Which was great btw.
You should see it.


Carly said...

I've been wanting to see Hall Pass, now I'll definitely add it to my queue.

I can't believe they covered those hardwood floors with linoleum!

kayleigh said...

remember i want to come over and help paint the upstairs when its time!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

What a job! Will you have a little blogger meetup so I can see your house? That paper could be worth money by the way.

ktpland said...

what a stunning house! can't wait to see it when it's finished! :)

graciepie said...

NIkki that is a great idea!!

Coryazy said...

I love Red House! We had Dawn's b-day there one year and it was a blast!