Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working on the "Lodge" part 2

As usual, the fourth of July weekend in Seattle was the kick off for summer weather.
Steve and I headed south to his parent's house to help work on the "Lodge"
(The huge ass house they are building themselves)

I avoided working too hard by wandering around the yard taking photos of things.
Tah Dah

My expert photo skillz

Here is the house in it's current state

(This will be a circular driveway out front eventually)
We spent the afternoon getting all the insulation in the walls so that they can get sheet rocked this week.

The front porch flanked by huge logs off the property

The back side
This wedge area will be a paved patio with a fire pit in the center.

I particularly liked this little addition over the back door

Inside the great room looking out front

Looking towards the back
To the right will be the kitchen, up above is a loft space and more bedrooms

Stairs to get to the loft

Steve was working in the corner of the great room building the base for the fireplace
Monday ( the 4th) I slept in and was totally worthless.
Steve and his dad got up early and worked though.
Then we all headed over to Steve's relatives summer house on the lake!
 It was a gorgeous day.

Heading out on the boat with Steve's aunt and mom

Unfortunately I had to work on the 5th, so we didn't stick around for fireworks that night.
I think this was the first year I missed out on that!


Carly said...

Umm, wow! That place looks amazing already! Can I have my wedding there when it's finished?!

I think this was the first year I missed out of the fireworks too. Being a grown-up can be lame sometimes.

graciepie said...

Heck yes you can! I will do your catering! Its the all in one gracie pie wedding package!

Nikki said...

It is gorgeous! I love that front porch. Which is your room? ;)

kayleigh said...

that was nice of you to help with the in laws house! take me on that boat next time! theyll love having all my tattoos out ;)