Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You are going to put "that" on your head?!

Taxidermy Couture

Ever heard of it?
 Me either... till a friend came across it in her quest to find the perfect wedding veil.
What is it you ask?
 It is dead animals attached to some sort of fashion.
So, think less fur coat and more lucky rabbits foot earrings
It is creepy.

(Mouse head band)

(Antler Headband)

(Coyotes tooth ring)

(Snake Bite facinator)

(Bird Wing head peice)

(Snake skin cuff, head included)

There is some more extreme attire as well, but I really just couldn't post it on here!
I am sure you get the idea
Bat Hat anyone?


Carly said...

I kinda like the antler headband!

kayleigh said...