Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cat Hair crafts & the only uterus you will ever need

Craft ideas are endless...

"One of our friends loves to bring me tabloid magazines. I have always just looked at the covers in the grocery store and never actually had any motivation to look at one so I was slightly intrigued when she put one in my hands. She was completely obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial and she is now filling her withdrawal with updates via National Examiner. The best part is that I am pretty certain that she thinks that they are reporting 100% factual information. So I decided to scan through it to see what I was missing all these years and I came across this…

After I threw up, I vowed to never curiously browse a tabloid again. Only in a tabloid can you have an article dedicated to your cat hair jewelry. Like everything else in that magazine, I cross my fingers that this isn’t real, but I fear it isn’t so. The article concludes by saying that the hair is from brushes not from coughed up hair balls. Because that as the jeweler says would be “nasty.” Yeah, that would be nasty, I’m glad we have some perspective here. You’re right, cat hair jewelry from brushes seems way more appealing now.  I hope I have saved you from any tabloid curiosity you might have."

Or you can knit with your cat hair yarn!
"Wondering what to do with your pet's unwanted fur? An American animal groomer has come up with the ingenious, if slightly unsavoury, idea of making handbags and purses out of the surplus hair.
Cat-groomer Danelle German has used everything from cat, dog and even monkey hair to weave into her furry fashion items.
Adorned with jewels and bows, Danelle says most people don't realise her collection started life on a cat or dog.
Depending on the size of the pet, the groomer boasts she can weave anything from purses to handbags.
And Danelle has now been inundated with animal hair from pet owners desperate to have a memento of their treasured pet.
The owner of a grooming salon, Danelle said she came up with the idea after noticing how much pet hair was just thrown in the rubbish at the end of every day.

The 40-year-old said: "Every day at the salon, we end up with tons of cat hair that is either combed out or shaved off the cats during the grooming process.
"Usually it goes in the trash but one day I got this hair-brained idea to try to spin the hair into yarn.
"I figured that if Angora bunny hair to could made into a beautiful yarn then surely I could do the same with cat hair."  
Having never attempted anything like it before, Danelle spent days practicing with a spinning wheel until she had a ball of yarn - made from cat hair.
Pleased with the result, Danelle then knitted the cat-hair yarn into a fashionable bag.
She said: "After a bit of experimenting I finally had a completed handbag.
"Everyone that saw it thought it was pretty - then when they learned it was made from spun cat hair they thought it was amazing."  
Danelle, from Simpsonville, South Carolina in America, admitted she didn't always have a positive reaction to her unusual collection.
She said: "Some people think it's gross and turn their noses up at the idea."

(Naw, really?!)

If you are allergic to cats, you could always opt to make Bella's womb
"I read the Twilight series.  Go team Jacob! (What can I say, Edward sounds like a dick, and Jacob is furry and warm.)
Somebody in the world decided to recreate a felt version of Bella’s womb.  As if it should be detachable and separate from her body.

Said womb opens to reveal a naked, large breasted, armless, middle-aged yoga teacher with flippers and a Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s baby haircut the vampire/human fetus kickin’ it Edward & Bella style.  That’s not at all strange!

I hope this inspired ya'll to get your craft on.... or vomit.
 To each their own.


Nikki said...

Oh nasty. All of it.

graciepie said...

I can not believe I only got ONE comment on this post! I thought it would be on fire. Fail.

Brooke said...

This is so gross. all of it so wrong :)

Lillies and Lace said...

i want to comment... but honestly i'm not sure wtf to even say. the twilight reference? super weird haha. uh... people are crazy.