Monday, August 22, 2011

Fried Green Tomatos & I can see Russia from here (Part 1)

Last week our friends were gracious enough to invite us over for dinner to feast on some fresh caught Alaskan salmon.
 My friend Angela's husband went on a fishing trip and brought home the main dish!

I was in charge of bringing a side of fried green tomatoes.
I had never eaten them before, let alone made them.
They were surprisingly easy though and tasted AMAZING!
So good in fact, that we spent a good whole 5 minutes coming up with ways to incorporated them into our regular dinner meal rotations.
For example; BLT with fried green tomatoes or grilled cheese with a fried green tomatoes.
 Basically, anything that already had a tomato in it, we replaced with a fried green tomato.
Cleaver, I know.

Here in the dinner fixin' in action.

Corns on the cobs

The green tomatoes ( and my cocktail)

Ready to bread & fry

Finished product

They tasted kinda like an onion ring but better.

The Crab Prep Crew

Boys drinking, while girls are cooking..

There is garlic bread under the towel

Oven roasted red potatoes and carrots

Extreme food close ups

And this post was all about the delicious salmon... which I don't have a single photo of!!

The chefs

 I mean, seafood!

A few days later Angela and I ordered food to go from a bar in town.
We were busy and didn't have time to hang out and eat.
She pulled the menu up on her phone so we could call the order in and save some time.
We were both elated when the front page of the menu showcased the week's special.
 It was a dream come true, a sign from little baby Jesus himself.
 What a coincidence.
 I'm all " Order me that!!"
She continues to brows the menu looking for a vegetarian option.
As she is reading the other menu items out loud to me, nothing sounds familiar.
 I have eaten at this bar a lot and know the spread fairly well. 
 I said " Are you sure this is the right place?"
Angela replies " Yes!" and reads the restaurant name out loud to me.
Followed by " Oooh...... this isn't the right place. It's in Kentucky."
We then pulled up the correct menu.
No fried green tomatoes.
What a tease.


Katie said...

you've inspired me to try fried green tomatoes. do they need to be a certain type of "green?" is there such a thing as too green?

Angela said...

I can't wait to plan another on of these dinners! Halibut next time! :) Also - we need to find a place in town that sells Green Tomatoes. I've been looking everywhere! Even the farmers markets. I'll be going East in the next month, I will check all the fruit stands I can!

Katia said...

Looks Delicious! I've got to try fried green tomatoes this year. Since I most likely won't even be getting any ripe ones in my garden.