Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's a small world afterall

This past weekend was the annual Vintiques rod run that my family attends every summer.
I was excited to get to take my own car over this year.
It’s no where near show ready, but it beats cramming in the back of dad's ride.

While we were there I had some pinstriping detail done on the back of my Camaro.
The car is still in primer because we have lots of body work to do.
However, I am realistic enough to know that it's going to stay this way for awhile.
So I thought it would be fun to add a few things for the time being.

 I noticed the artists phone number on his business cards and it was local to the area I live in.
 I asked him where he was from and he starts describing the neighborhood.
I mentioned that my sister lived near there.
He tells me which street he lives on.
It is the same street as my sister.
I tell him her house is across from the park.
 He says he lives right next to the park.
Turns out he lives directly across the street from her and his kids have played at her house.

How in the heck did I drive across the state & meet a guy who lives within 3 miles of my house and across the street from my sister?!

Same way as meeting a guy in San Diego who knew my high school DECA teacher I guess!

Here are some pictures from the car show though.
We always have a theme for cruise night and this year was Togas.

Poker Run

Cruise night

Dad won an award for "best unfinished" car.
Unfortunately, it was also an unfinished trip.
His car made it to Yakima but didn't make it all the way home.
I think that is the first time that has ever happened in the 30 years he has been going!

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It's such a small world!