Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver is the new blonde

I dig it!

It's a step past platinum and a step into fabulous.
But on the serious though, I really do like it!

Grunge chic or grandma weak?


Nikki said...

I think it's whimsical, like Alice in Wonderland!

Katie said...

i think it's cool looking, but i don't know how long i could have it for!

Lady J said...

Oh Gracie Pie! I love these! I'm going to put a couple of these onto my own blog. Where did you find these amazing images?

Are you going to give this a whirl with your own hair?

The silver is also quite..gray. And while I am far from having gray hair I suppose it goes to show that gray can be beautiful.

graciepie said...

I am thinking it might be fun to go silver after I get all the way blonde.... Why not?! :)