Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tattoos on a Tuesday

Just had to share these fabulous finds

My two favorites.

Can I do my lower arms... please please please!



This picture makes me think of LA for some random reason.

Cleaver idea.
Although, as a friend pointed out, is this a man or a woman?!

Love cuckoo clocks!

Not a butterfly fan but I like this a lot

There has to be some story behind this!


Katie said...

although the last one is a bit weird, i love it!


Coryazy said...

Ewww... the anchor one is nasty. The tattoo is fine. But his (hoping it's a dude because if it's a female her leg hair is gnarly) feet are insane. Insane as in making me want to barf. Especially his left big toe.

Lady J said...

The first one and the bottom two are my favorites. I've seen the cupcake on the bird tat before. Being that I am obsessed with cupcakes I Love love love it! Thanks for sharing.

Lillies and Lace said...

ok the last one is amazing. i need to just stop being such a wimp and get my intense half sleeve of flowers. otherwise i'm not going to fit into this family.