Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who are you and what did you do with my daughter?

Last week was a week of firsts.
I feel like a new person, a freshly born bambino, a fawn frolicking through the grassy knoll.
Ok, not really, but I did do a few things that I think I deserve a gold star for.

1.      I gave blood.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t a completely selfless act. I did have a motive for this one. I realized a few weeks ago that I didn’t know what my blood type was. I am 27, that is probably information I should have stored away with my social security number or something. First step; Call mom. She would know for sure, or have it written somewhere. Nope. Second step; Call Dr.'s office. Surely it would be in my file. Nope, apparently a law passed years ago and they are no longer allowed to keep record of your blood type on file. They suggested the easiest way to find out is for me to give blood. That way I can avoid a lab fee and dr. visit. Third step; Wait for blood drive. I went on my lunch break. It wasn’t awful. Although, I didn’t realize the needle was so much larger than the one they use when you get a shot. I still have a bruise 1 week later. Now I know my blood type AND I helped out someone in need.

2.      I ran a 5k.
I don’t run. I am not a runner. The longest I have ever ran consecutively (prior to this event) was 1.5 miles. That was just recently, while out running with the hubs. Before that, I can honestly say the only time I ever ran was in elementary school when we had to run the mile for our yearly physical fitness test. During which I came in last and walked the 2nd half. I grew up doing ballet, I was active (ish) , but I never played sports. Running was something I made sure to avoid. Anyway, these days I am getting in better shape and I had a few friends that were running the  Lise & Faith Memorial Run and urged me to give it a try. It was for a good cause. This was generally a selfless act, and I signed up.

Sista Run club

3.      I went to a Renaissance Faire.
Embarrassingly enough to admit, this wasn’t a total first for me. I attended one of these fairs in the 7th grade. This time around took it to the next level though. We dressed up and camped on site (with the gypsies) so we could hang out and drink Mead after hours. I would like to let it be known that I truly took one for the team. And by team, I mean my marriage. My husband is a bit of a nerd and when a friend invited us to attend this event of course it couldn’t be passed up.  I figured I could at least do some serious people watching. This was a completely selfless act.

Kayleigh and me

The hubby
  ( The title of this post came from my own mother's mouth when I told her what I had planned for the weekend. Sometimes I surprise people , in a good way)


Katie said...

that needle is so scary. eek! was the fair in wisconsin? if so, i was there too!! :)

graciepie said...

No, I live in Seattle! Close though.

Carly said...

The needles they use are pretty intense. I give blood regularly and it is always bigger than I remember. (that's what she said? No?)

How was the 5K? I've been wanting to try one, but I'm nervous/a wimp.

Kellie Collis said...

That's just fabulous! Love your renaissance outfit! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

Katia said...

Good for you for expanding your horizons! Also for supporting Lises' family, such a sad story :-(

Nikki said...

You drank mead?! What did you think?

graciepie said...

Mead was reallly good. However, after 2 bottles i felt like I had drunk 10 wine coolers. There is way too much sugar in it!