Friday, August 19, 2011

Your furnace is moldy

Oh is that where the smell is coming from?!

I got a coupon in the weekly mailer for a special on furnace duct cleaning.
I thought this was probably something I should have done,considering we didn't know the last time (if ever) the duct work was cleaned in our house.

 I made an appointment and they came out to do the $29.99 job.
 While one guy was hooking the vacuuming system up, the other guy took off a vent cover and sent his long cable with a camera attached to it deep inside.

 He asked me if I knew when the ducts had last been cleaned.
Then quickly interrupted himself with  " Oh, wow.... you should come take a look at this!"
At this point, I should have handed him my credit card and walked to Starbucks.
 It was brought to our attention that no cleaning had been done in quite a long time.
 There wasn't just loose dirt and hair in there either.
With the condensation of the heater air coming through, along with temperature changes, the debris had solidified.
Thus, making a $29.99 vacuuming completely ineffective.
Ethel, Ethel, why didn't you maintain your duct work?
 Do you think I am made of money!?!

The cleaning guy convinced me that leaving it this way would be comparable to slapping a band aid on a bullet wound and urged that I take care of the issue.
" Just think about all the junk you are breathing in!" He says.
Now, if I knew this "junk" was MY junk, not 80 years of some other family's, I might be okay with it.
Just like washing dishes at work.
Touching other people's left overs grosses me out.
 It is so disgusting.
 However, washing my own dishes, doesn't bother me at all,because it's my family's dirty food.
Somehow there are less germs.
 I'm sure it is a mind over matter kind of thing.

Anyway, the fact that we don't know who this hair and whatnot belongs to, I decided I needed to bite the bullet and get it out of there.
They immediately went to work, scrubbing the ducts out with long hoses and mechanical brushes, then sanitizing the whole thing.
They also flushed out the main unit of the furnace and replaced the filters.
All for a mere $600.00!
That was exactly what I was hoping to spend all that money on!
 I sure am glad they came by!

Not the actual furnace, thank God!
But may as well have been!


Katie said...

oooh, gosh! poor you! hope it gets fixed soon!

Carly said...

Gross. Other people's hair, germs, blood, etc gross me out waaaay more than my own. Or my loved ones. Smart purchase.

graciepie said...

Katie... it has been fixed.. hense the $600.00!

Katia said...

I'm sure that is something we REALLY need to do as well! Come fall, you will breath in without thinking of all the hair & mold...