Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday weekend extravaganza

Friday night we kicked off the weekend with a surprise pool party for Steve!

The Birthday toast

I completely forgot to take any photos of the actual pool part... sorry.
Then we made S'mores

And cupcakes from Cupcake Royal

Saturday we went to Pain in the Grass at the White River Amphitheater.
This was a better people watching event than a concert.
Yes, 5 finger death punch was great and the lead singer from Korn is still really unattractive,
I realized I knew way more Hinder songs than I thought and we spent $10.00 for one beer.
Aside from all that though, I realized how far off people's views of their own body image really can be.
I saw some pretty horrid outfits as well as what looked to be homemade tattoos.
I was able to snap a quick shot of these two interesting get ups though!

  And then there is us... lookin' all normal and such

Among the less than desirable outfits, were a lot of men's t shirts with classless sayings.
 Please allow me to share a few:
Orgasm Donor
I love animals, but I will pound the shi*t out of a beaver
I'll drive, if you suck
I know how may licks it takes

No wonder all these boys are single...

Sunday we participated in a golf game for our friend Peter's Birthday.
I have never golfed before and I actually did pretty well.
We all tried to dress the part as best we could.

Steve practicing his trajectory

Rachel and me

Note: golfing in a skirt is kinda awkward

Some of the group

Tyler won a Fanta shirt and Steve won a used copy of Trivial Pursuit.
 If you know my dad, you are already aware that this specific game is his all time favorite and is played at every family get together and holiday.
He buys a copy anytime he comes across it at garage sales and then gives them away as gifts.
This way, there is always a copy on hand whereever he goes and he doesn't have to bring his own.
Smart man.
Too bad I hate this game.
Anyway, it was only fitting that we left with our own copy.
Dad will be proud. 

This Birthday boy in tights.

Then it was off to dinner to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary!!!


Angela said...

I took advantage of that smore! :)

Nikki said...

Bahahah! That one guy looks like teen wolf. You guys are way too normal, and why pay for a tattoo when you can prison.