Friday, September 16, 2011

Create your own apothecary jars !

I came across these adorable jars on pinterest
( Which I try to avoid at all costs, it's beyond addicting)
when I was looking at party ideas the other day.

 After looking at it for a minute I realized what an ingenious idea these jars really were!
So, I thought I would make some of my own and also show ya'll how to make them yourselves.

I know you have some old junk jars in your recycle, right?!
(Yes, I recycle now, remember.)

We have all seen these cheap candle holders at the dollar store or thrift store too.

As I was doing more research, I was a little disappointed when I came across like three other blogs who have already showcased this project.
 I thought I was so cleaver...guess not.

So, here is a better representation of what I was trying to portray to you!
Spray paint your jar lids and glass candlestick holders, then epoxy them together and Voila!

And the finished product as seen here !

We can always just pretend I came up with this amazing idea though.

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