Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I don't have a high & tight, but you can still call me a Jarhead

I am kinda obsessed with Mason Jars.
They are so neat.
They have stood the test of time and there are SO MANY things you can use them for, besides their intended use.
Who cans food anymore though, seriously.
 It's so time consuming!
Steve's Grandma doesn't even have time for it!
She says "I will just get my jam at Costco."

Here are some great ways to reuse these glass containers AND save money and the environment by recycling.
 You have to level the playing field somehow if you are going to buy your fruity spreads and pie fillings at mass quantities by the truck load.

You call this arts n' crafts.
I call this giving back.
Community Service for 2011.

Paint inside for a glossier finish and outside for matte.
The possibilities are endless!


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Ahhh, a post after my own heart! ;-) I have bought jams etc only because the jar was so nice and I'd use it as a "vase" afterwards. I also use them for storing small items like buttons and bits of lace I can't bring myself to throw out. Great post. xo

Ms. Mae said...

ah I LOVE the painted ones!

Katia said...

So great! I looove the flower arrangement with the lemons. Nikki & I still pickle spicy beans every fall. So worth it ;-)

Becky said...

:::raises hand::: I might be one of the last people, but I still can. I actually canned about 20 jars of salsa & sauce this summer. I will be doing much more with the rest of the tomatoes.