Friday, September 2, 2011

Mom served our wedding cake at Thanksgiving

This past Sunday, as you know, was our 1st wedding anniversary.
 One of the few wedding traditions that I had planned to follow was freezing the top tier of our wedding cake to eat on our 1st anniversary.
Sadly, things didn't go as I had hoped.

It all started in a downward spiral when Steve and I ended up cutting & serving from each tier of our cake at the wedding last year.

We had more than enough desserts, but each tier of cake was a different flavor and the top was Carrot and we really wanted to eat it!
So, caught in the moment, I agreed to cut it and figured we would just save some of the cake from another tier to freeze.
Which did in fact happen.
 Then 3 months later my mom kinda served it for dessert at Thanksgiving.
 I hadn't realized it at the time.
 When we ate it, I assumed there was still a portion safely tucked away for me somewhere.
A few months ago I asked Mom about the cake she had saved for our anniversary. 
At that point we both realized she thought I had the cake and I thought she had the cake, when in fact we had delightfully gobbled down all the remaining morsels back in November.
We also never recovered our missing cake topper after the wedding either.
 I'm pretty sure it accidentally got thrown out during clean up.
So, that sucks. 

 I decided the solution would be to have a small cake replica made from the same bakery we ordered our wedding cake from for our anniversary.
Unfortunately, due to their hours, there wasn't any way I could pick the cake up by Sunday.
 So, I ended up ordering it from somewhere else.

To celebrate our 1 year of marriage,we went to dinner at the Space Needle.
It was a lot of fun.
Steve had never been there before and was pretty excited about going.
 It was a warm, clear day too, so we could see everything.

Then we came back to our house and had our "fake" frozen wedding cake.
We had gotten a bottle of Champagne as a gift on our wedding day to save for our 1st anniversary too!

The cat needs to learn how to use a camera, so these photos can be a little less awkward.

I am sure it tasted better fresh anyway.


Love, Chelsea said...

That is hilarious! We weren't able to save ours anyway so we just ate it the next day...oops. We got cupcakes from the same bakery on our anniversary. They were delicious.

Nikki said...

Hahah! Also loving Steve's dress up for dinner, dress down for dessert. I was impressed with the space needle when we went for our first anniversary too!

My Mom and Sister got us a key lime cake since we didn't save any dessert from Mexico.

Bon Bon said...

You guys are adorable! We just ate some of our cake for our Anniversary too. Only a few bites though. Not too bad for being 1 year old, but there was soooo much of it for just two people. xoxo