Friday, September 30, 2011

The one Serious Post I will probably ( and hopefully) ever have to make!

**Please be prepared for a blogging hiatus from me.
There is a crisis in my family's lives right now.
Next week I will be in Arizona helping take care of business and supporting my best friend and no doubt won't have any time (or want) to blog.**

I have a best friend.
Her name is Amy.
We have been partners in crime since I was a sophomore in high school.
We have been by each other's sides for every steppingstone  in our lives.
She was there when I turned 16 and I was there when she delivered her first child.
We have supported each other through divorces,broken hearts,marriages,cross country moves,car accidents,deployments.... the list goes on.
Just like yours does with your best friend.

When I was in college she joined the Marines and was shortly deployed to Iraq.
While she was there, she met her soul mate, Barry.
When she returned, they were stationed in California.
I moved down there to be near her and spent a few years getting to know this wonderful man.

They have been married now for 5 years and have 3 kids.
My husband and Barry became fast best friends.
Last summer Amy was in my wedding and Barry was the honorary Groomsmaid.
Skip forward to right now.

Amy's life is a living nightmare.
Currently, Barry is in the hospital in a coma that we don't know if he will ever wake up from.
He suffers from severe head trauma, may have brain damage and is fighting for his life.
He was in a motorcycle accident last weekend while ridding with the American Legion motorcycle club.
( A group of Vets)

Everyday of this week has been a roller coaster in hell.
All of us are trying to stay positive, but each day statuses change and more news comes and more questions go unanswered.

All we can do is wait for him to pull through.

Never in my life have I faced something like this.
Never in my life have I had to stand by and watch a friend's entire world crumble around her.
I know how much she loves him and I know how much this is breaking her into a million pieces.
All I can do is be there for her, stand next to her and hold her hand.
 That's what family does.

What I ask of all of you is that you keep her in your thoughts.
Yes, I know you have read this pleading a million times, in a million places
" Please pray for us!"
It gets redundant doesn't it?!

But, it's not until you are on the other side, until you are the person asking for help, that you understand what it really means.
When there are no other options but our own faith, you truly see how helplessly desperate those people asking for your help really are.
I hope that none of you ever have to know this side.
But for me, I am here.

A site has been created for donations to help the family out.
Please go there, please donate.
Please spread the word.
It truly is the least we can do for them.
Every bit counts, even just a few bucks...

Thank you.

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Amy & Barry

Me, Steve,Amy & Barry in Vegas this year

Barry home from his last deployment meeting his son for the first time

Barry & Steve on our wedding day


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

This is just horrible!! I will keep Amy, her Husband and her family in my prayers. It's never redundant to say a prayer for someone... I'm happy to do it. Every little bit of positive energy and good thoughts helps! You are a wonderful friend, Grace. Amy and her family are lucky to have you by their sides!

Becky said...

I will be praying for Amy & her husband!

Shanna said...

I am praying for your friend, you and their family with all my heart. That is so hard! I haven't been in that same situation but I know the prayers and positive thoughts are worth more then the people sending them will ever know. BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!

Love, Chelsea said...

Grace, this is just awful and I have both you and your friend in my prayers. It is true that the best thing you can do is be there to hold her hand. You are being the best friend you can be.