Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Succulent wedding

And i dont mean the pig.

When I was wedding planning, I cringed at the price of floral arrangements and bouquets.
They can be so expensive and they only last for 1 day!
I think this idea is just a gorgeous and they may not be a lot cheaper, but at least you can throw a few around the house and keep them for a while longer to enjoy!
It kinda makes the money spending hurt a little less.


Krystal said...

Do you have any recommendations on pew decorations? Something DIY-ish and cutesy, it's a Fallish wedding that we are looking - colors are navy blue and orange.

Nikki said...

I love succulents, but I think they're expensive too...unless you start them a year early in yard. That's an idea!

graciepie said...

Krystal I emailed you & Nikki I agree they are probably spendy if done through a florist. I was thinking more along the lines of collecting them yourself and doing centerpiece arrangements ect.