Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meatball Problems- Shut your mouth you dirty little hamster part 2

As some of you may remember, last Halloween Steve and I had planned to dress as Snooki & Pauly D.

Things got crazy, we ended up skipping the festivities and the hard work of ordering accessories online went by the way side.

Fortunately, a friend of mine decided to throw her husband a Surprise Thirtieth Birthday party Zombie style.
We decided it would be boring to just dress as plain old dead people.
So we brought the Staten Island dump back and went Jersey on it.

The fine Guido & Guidette couple

The dead spread

The zombie girls

The zombie boys

Inebriated Wii dancing

Group shot

The birthday boy & his wife

This photo pretty much sums up the night.
In retrospect the hair was a little more Amy Winehouse than Snooki, although they really seem to be interchangeable persona's I suppose.
Maybe Amy would have been more fitting though, given her current situation.

Too soon?

They told me to go to rehab...

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Nikki said...

Fun party! That wii dancing looks a little like Thriller to me ;)