Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween Wedding

I think fall weddings are beautiful.
There are so many directions you can go in for a Halloween theme too.
 It doesn't have to be plain old black and orange.
You can "Martha" it up a bit.
Here are some inspiration photos I found

Cleaver Invitations

A spooky candy buffet

Nicely done Nightmare cake

Black and white striped ribbon to die for!
LOVE the dress

Elegant Halloween decor

Thank you cards? lol

Adorable chair sashes

Fall leaves

Would you ever have a Halloween wedding?


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Great ideas, that cake (1st one) is amazing and the b/w ribbon on the dress is beautiful. "Martha" it up... I'll have to remember that ;-) xo

Shanna said...

I wanted SO BADLY to have a Halloween wedding! I thought it would make for awesome pics to have people all dressed up! It also would've accentuated the casual environment I wanted and people just have a better time if they start out already being silly! LOL! Maybe if we re-new our vows, ever, we'll have to do it in such an honorary fashion. (I'm against re-newing vows but if it means costume "wedding" then I may reconsider. :))

Carly said...

Wow, that Nightmare cake is to die for. I would like to have a fall wedding, when the time comes, but probably wouldn't do it on Halloween. I love the holiday too much to share it! Haha.

kayleigh said...

LOOOVE the black and white striped ribbon/bowtie as well as the til death/dia de los muertos faces! genius idea!