Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm gonna wash that man right outta my....kitchen?

Christmas came early this year!
Steve broke the cardinal rule of never buying a woman a gift that plugs in.
 But, i don't care.
Because I love it!

That's right, I got my very own dishwasher!!

 To most of you modern girls, I know this is not big deal.
However, my house was built in the 20's remember?
Although, the kitchen is a decent size, a dishwasher never found it's way in there.
Since moving in we have upgraded the fridge and sink prior to purchasing this little treasure.

When my husband told me he had a present in mind, but wanted my approval before he ordered it, I got a little suspicious.
I assumed it was the surround sound he has been wanting, or a new flat screen for the bedroom.
I must say I was pleasantly surprised when he showed me what he planned to buy.

It has been almost a year since we bought our house and one of the first things I thought we would do was install a dishwasher, but sadly it fell to the bottom of our list.
It also took some convincing on my part, along with a little help from  the HGTV show Property Virgins.
I had mentioned to Steve that I really wanted to get a dishwasher numerous times.
He went down the list of reasons why I should just live without one.
 I came to the conclusion that I washed the dishes about 90% of the time and he just didn't grasp how annoying it was to wash every single butter knife, fork and spoon we owned.

A few weeks ago we were watching HGTV and the couple shopping for a new home ended up settling on a cute little craftsmen house.
It needed a few improvements, just like ours did.
 The show did a follow up on the couple a few weeks after they settled in to see how they were doing.

The couple showed off their new digs and upgraded kitchen.
The wife pointed to her dishwasher and said " Obviously, the first thing we did was get this, it's a necessity"
The newly wed husband boasted about how important it was they have a dishwasher and he understood why his wife was so pleased with it.
I just sat there on the couch, with my coffee cup, glaring at Steve.

Awww it's so cute and petite

He got the message apparently.
I get the feeling he thinks I am spoiled, but he is slowly learning that what he thinks is spoiled is really just practical!


Nikki said...

It is so cute! Lucky for me Bryan does most of the dishes.

Ryan Adair said...

The apartment I am living in right now is the first place I have lived in since I have been on my own (at 18, now 25) with a dishwasher. I wont even let my Fiance load the dishes, I am so excited to have one I never mind doing them anymore! :)

Cute blog btw, I'm a new follower! Love your tats! ;)

Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan