Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Renton's Finest Halloween Bash

The Hubs and I decided to have a Halloween party this year.
We haven't had a lot of our friends over to our house since we moved in and thought it would be a good way to have a pseudo housewarming.

After a month of planning and spending hundreds of dollars on decor, food & drink, I sat staring at the guest list on my computer.
 The RSVPs for NO, were definitely outweighing the Yes's.
I was worried and anxious.
I love hosting, but there is that whole " What if no one shows up?" thing that hangs over my head that always makes me question why I signed up for this!
Why didn't we just go to someone else's party?
Then we wouldn't have to clean... or make lil' smokies, or mow the lawn.
This is when my better half steps in and reassures me that people WILL COME and if only 5 people show, it's still a party.

 I am glad at least one of us is a glass half full kind of person.
As the day went on though, I got promising phone calls and texts and slowly I realized things were coming together and there was going to be a decent crowd.

Flash forward to 11pm and we have about 50 people crammed in our house.
I would say that was a success.

Here is the house "before" the party.
Trust me, you don't want to see the "afters"
I am still cleaning.
 In fact, when I opened my make up carrier to get my mascara out this morning, I found a Jello shot wrapper... with remnants of Jello still inside.
Thanks, who ever did that!
I bet you thought you were pretty cleaver!

Our cute little house

My cat pumpkin

The hub's pumpkin

My sister's pumpkin

Gaga Pumpkin

The main floor

Homemade Sangria

The upstairs

The downstairs

Fire pit outback

Since, I was having such a good time myself, I forgot to make a lap around each floor of the house and snap action photos.
 I am missing pictures of a lot of people.
The sacrifices of a hostess I suppose.

Let the party begin!

Our neighbor showed up dressed as a woman

Keepin it local with the Rainier
(Which btw tastes like crap. I had to enlist some folks to drink it, so I could have the empty cans)

Here is GaGa with the soda cans. I hate Diet Coke though.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween this year!


Cameron said...

How fun!!!!

Stephanie said...

Grace, I was TOTALLY in town this weekend!! It would've been soo good to see you and the house and meet Steve. Oh well. Next time. :)

Love, Chelsea said...

Your Gaga is amazing! I love the decorations, especially the bloody table cloth and the bats! Awesome!

Lillies and Lace said...

i had so much fun! your costume was bomb. thanks for having bryan and i over!

kayleigh said...

best party ever.