Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ruffles & Rust

October 22nd I went to this fabulous flea market with my mom and sister.
We found a few treasure and even more great ideas.
There was tons of inspiration.

Here are some pics I snapped inside


This is a vintage armadillo purse.
I had never seen one in real life before,but had heard about them.
My mom's aunt had one when she was growing up and I always remember my mom telling me about it and how gross it was.

Yep, it's pretty gross.
While i was taking this photo, an elderly couple passed by and the man said to his wife
" Wow, look at that nice purse!"
Then she walked over to check it out. 
She says " This, is a very nice armadillo bag!"
Then they walked off.
Umm.... okay.
I guess I am missing something.
( And I like really weird stuff, so I don't know why I don't get it.)
Isn't this neat?
It's a bookcase/alter thing.
Wish I had a place for it.

Here is what I picked up

This hanging vintage alter
It lights up and has a place for a photo in the center and 2 shelves on either side.
( not sure if I am going to repaint it or not)

This vintage Star burst clock!

Remember my POST about how I wanted one?!

I was 5.00 and it still works.
I did some online research and this same clock is selling on Mid century Modern decor sites form $75.00-$195.00!

I also picked up some small deer antlers and a few little nicknack's.

All in all, it was a good time, but it appeared that all the big items had sold the day before at the special presale event.
 Better luck next time I guess!

Anyone else been to this event before?

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Aw, love that first photo. I absolutely love flea markets so many lovely treasures to be found. And yes, adore that bookshelf -totally neat! Hope your week is a fabulous one. xo veronika