Thursday, November 3, 2011

West Elm needs a Groupon

There is a blog I follow, written by a girl in Texas.
She is adorable and gorgeous and each time she posts I realize we have more in common than just those two traits.
On the serious though, we have a lot of the same taste when it comes to decor and shopping.
In fact, we even wore the same wedding dress!
Although, she removed the bow
(Which was my favorite part!)

Remember that bedding I coveted at Z Gallerie back in April?
( I am waiting for a sale because it was $$$)
 She just did a post last week.... about how she loves that SAME bedding, but won't buy it till it goes on sale.
Apparently we are both woven from the same bargain threads.
She also has big feet ,the same Ikea bookcase as me and a husband who's beard grows in red, just like Steve's!
But wait, it gets even creepier.
We use the same hair spray, face wash regimen AND bought the same winter coat last year. 
Although, we are the same height, I am unfortunately not a size 2 like she is.
 Damn it.

Anyway, she talks about West Elm a lot on her blog.
We have never had one around here, until now!
 I was beyond excited to find out we had a store opening this year in Seattle.
Time to go shopping!
Here are a few items that will definitely be on my wish list this holiday season:

Striped Bedding in Grey & White

Silk Sheer Paisley Panels

White out Lamps

Assorted sizes Convex mirrors

Manzanita Candelabra

Wishbone Thanksgiving Platter

Have you been to the new West Elm yet?


kayleigh said...

i want it all. we will be shopping there.

Lindsay R said...

i love all of these. that bedding needs to be on my bed!