Thursday, December 22, 2011

The non blonde

Well, the blonde project has come to a close.
It was a good run.
Only took me an entire year to get close to the color and look that I had in mind.
I am not going to lie though, it never truely achieved the specific look that I was hoping for.

Here is me at my blondest

It took some serious convincing on my part to get my stylist to believe I wanted to go dark.
She has been working with me on this journey to be blonde and made sure that I knew
once I went dark, there was no going back to blonde any time soon.

But, in the end... it's just hair.
I could cut it all off in a few months, who knows!

The hair appointment was quite a process.
So of course I snapped a few shots.

Here is me (with some roots) waiting to be transformed

To get the dye to stick, we had to paint on a filler first.
 That filled the cuticles of the hair so that it could absorb color.
Here is what it looked like after we rinsed that out and dried it.

Then it was time to bring on the dye.
Me impatiently Waiting....

And the final product....

Ta dah!

What do you think?
 Blonde or Burnett?


~The Moses Family said...

Definitely Brunette! While you can totally pull off the blonde, you look absolutely stunning with the dark hair. I think it sets off your features and you look beautiful!

Lindsi said...


Christina Martinez said...

Brunette!!!! You are absolutely Gorgeous with dark hair. Blonde.... uhm not so much. *shrugs shoulders* I won't blow smoke up your ass :)

Love, Chelsea said...

Beautiful both ways but brunette brings out your eyes even more.

Nikki said...

I think you look great both, but I prefer dark. More sophisticated!

Carly said...

Loooove the dark! I know blonde is fun, but dark is so mysterious and pretty.