Wednesday, November 14, 2012

momma meatball

I am considering re-wrapping unopened baby shower gifts for Clark's Christmas presents.
It's not like he will know.
Is that awful?!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


First Born Unicorn

 One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Monday, November 5, 2012

Aunts on a log

I decided that I am going to change my quirky, witty blog into a mom blog. 
Where I only talk about babies and post photos of my drooling
child with spaghetti sauce smeared on his face.

Clarky loves his aunty Rosie.


 Sorry about all the baby stuff lately.
I promise I will get back to the sarcastic rants soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My little Pumpkin Pie

Baby Pot Pie's first Halloween

While the hubs was passing out candy to our trick or treaters, I kept busy taking photos of Clark!

Behold my makeshift photo shoot!


Saving the best for last!

I found a great costume for next year!

Tomorrow we are going to have professional photos taken!
Hopefully Clark is in a good mood and we get some great shots!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween with the bean!

Being the type of parent that who doesn't have an obsession with kiddos and all things screaming and sticky, I really wasn't interested in getting a Halloween Costume for Clark. 
For the last month I have been asked by everyone what my infant child is going to be for Halloween. 
The first time I was asked this question, I was a little caught off guard because dressing him up really hadn't even crossed my mind.
 I mean, he can't even sit up on his own! 
Why would I spend money on something for him to lay around in and then throw up on?
 That didn't seem like a sound financial investment to me. 
Then it was pointed out that it is really just all for photos sake because babies are so cute and blah blah blah.  
I shrugged my shoulders and replied to the question with " Well, okay, I will probably just get a pumpkin and shove him inside and take a picture, I guess."
 Sounds good enough to me.
 Then I thought of the the photos people post on FB of their babies dressed up in "sweet" little costumes and I thought, "Well, wouldn't it be funny if I dressed up Clark in something really gory and serious instead?
 No one ever does that.
 I could make him  a zombie baby and paint his face. 
This got me in the spirit.
  "Yes, I will dress him as the anti-cute Halloween baby and it will be awesome. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?! I am a genius"  
Flash forward to discussing these plans with a friend. ( A friend without kids btw) and she says " I bet no one has done it because you probably aren't suppose to paint your baby's face with make up and fake blood" 
Well, someone just HAD to rain on my parade....

So, I started looking for something fabulous for him to wear instead.

Costumes considered


Mr. T





I think its fairly obvi that Steve chose all but one,
the ketchup packet. 
Clearly that was my pick. 
I love hot dogs.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today is National Cat Day!

 I am  not going to go all Sarah McLaughlin on you.
I just want to send out a virtual high five to all you mommers and poppers that choose adoption over purchasing from Mills and Stores. 

So many kitty critters need homes, so open you door and let one or nine in. 
They are good foot warmers and are basically natural repurposers. (Which is huge these days)  
They can make a bed , toy and scratch post out of almost any item and you can use their hair for crafts!

October 29th is National Cat Day!

Dedicated to:






Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A new office

Since moving into our house we had been using one of the rooms as a temporary catch all.
Since the upstairs wasn't finished, we didn't have a permanent place to put everything that we wanted in our bedroom. So for the last year it lived in this room.
 Which awkwardly also doubled as a closet.

Now that the upstairs is done and the master finished, we were able to move all our stuff around and free up this space and make it into a much needed office. 

Here is the room when we first moved in. 
I had my vanity and dresser on one side, a bookcase on the other and all of Steve's clothes in the closet on the opposite wall.
 Which really should be the hall closet for all our coats and things. 

We were thankful the house had room for all our stuff, but as far as being functional, this definitely wasn't. 
It drove me nuts not having things where I wanted them to ultimately be.
It was all so temporary that I didn't even unpack a lot of things, because I knew this wasn't going to be their final home!

In the mean time, Steve set up his computer in the basement on one of the work benches.
Which he said he didn't mind, but seriously, this looks so uncomfortable!

Enter The Man Cave


He wasn't even using a real chair, just an old file cabinet with a blanket on top for padding!

Here is the new office space.
I think it looks a little more comfortable.

I found this desk on craigslist.
It was exactly what I was looking for. 
I knew I wanted something with a two person work station so that Steve and I could both have our own areas and computers. 
I didn't want a hutch on it and it needed to be black.
It doesn't have any drawers, which I wish it did, but it has shelves on both ends which are better than nothing.

 I just needed to figure out a good place for my Printer/scanner that is easy to get to but not sitting out on top of the desk. 
It takes up too much room.

The desk also matches the black bookshelf we have on the other side of the room.

As for the filing cabinet we found in the basement
 (Remember this is the house that keeps on giving) I gave it a fresh look. 
Taking it from a dirty almond shade, to crisp white and then adding black damask detail! 
I am really happy with how it turned out.

Like how I made this picture look all fancy n' stuff?!

I also removed two of the wood square dividers
 ( And I use the word WOOD lightly, this is from Ikea after all )
 on my bookcase to change up the look.

 It also allowed me a large enough space for my printer!

The opened squares

Our work area for two

My black and white wall

Some of my own art for color

Bentley photobomb

Monday, September 3, 2012

Into the Mystic

The drawing I was working on when my water broke.
Finished it just in the nick of time!

When I planned to do this piece I just thought it was pretty, but it really ended up ironically fitting.
Now it is hanging in the living room but someday it will be Clark's to keep.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Obladi Oblada life goes on brah! La la how the life goes on!

I decided it was necessary to get out of the house and enjoy the week of summer weather Seattle was having.
An entire week of weather over 75!
 Amazing... and sad at the same time.
My parental unit took Steve, Clark and me out to dinner down at a local beach and then we set up lawn chairs to enjoy a free outdoor concert!

The band playing was a Beatles cover band called 

They are really good, however they were giving away copies of their cd's and I was wondering why you would listen to an album by a cover band.
Wouldn't you just buy the real album??

Maybe that's why they were giving them away I guess...

Lady Madonna children at your feet

We saw a great sunset out over Lake Washington

Grandma and Grandpa with Clark

And there was a pretty good turn out for the show too

I have been listening to The Beatles for as long as I can remember.
Some of my first cassettes were Beatles & Beach Boys albums.
When I began taking piano lessons, my favorite book to play out of was the Beatles song book. 
Probably  because I actually recognized most of the songs I was playing.
Last night though, it became apparent that for the last 20 some years I have been singing a lot of the wrong lyrics to these songs

 After realizing that, and being corrected by Mom, some of the songs made a bit more sense!
Who woulda thought?!

Here are a few examples of phrases gone wrong:

What I thought: Paper boy Rider
What they really are: Paperback Writer

What I thought: Lovely Rita, Rita Mae
What they really are: Lovely Rita Meter maid

What I thought: I held her hand in Hawaii
What they really are: I held her hand in mine

Also," A Hard Day' s Night" is actually kinda dirty.

Shame. Shame.