Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decorating by design

I realized that I never posted any photos of my  Christmas decorating this year!
All year long I look forward to dragging our decor out.
This time around though,  I really let the glory of it all fall between the cracks!
I was especially excited to decorate since this is our first Christmas in the new house.
I guess I just had a lot of other things on my mind.

We discovered two things;
We really need to get a fireplace
Once you trim the tree trunk, you loose 3 feet.

My faux mantle
 ( that's Bentley's sock in the middle)

my vintage nativity guys

the shrinking tree

cutest topper ever!

I took some photos of the outside with the lights but the pictures really did not do justice.
It looked so much more magical in person.

We packed everything up this weekend and put it all away for next year.
The living room feels so empty now!

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