Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dumps like a truck. Truck. Truck.

During all our demolition this weekend on the upstairs, the truck filled up fast with wood scraps to go to the dump.
To save time, my friend Mandy and I were voluntold to do a dump run while the boys continued to tear down walls in the house.
Fair enough.
I haven't been to the dump in years.
I remember going when I was really young with my dad.
I have never really had any reason to go to the dump as an adult though.
If I have items that don't fit in the trash can at home, i just leave them on the side of the road.

So, we were both a little nervous because this was uncharted territory.
At least I knew where the dump was though, I should get credit for that.
Once inside, we backed the truck in and got out to start unloading.
Steve had secured the load with tie downs.
I always have issues with these.
He knows this.
So when we left, he said, " I made it easy to get them off, just tug the end and it will undo the bow"

Standing at the dump, outside in the cold surrounded by grizzly manly men dutifully unloading their trucks and trailers, I pull the bow.
It comes undone, but I still have to unlatch the tie downs!
Plan " make it easy" failed. 
So Mandy and I are on either side of the truck trying to get the tie downs unlatched and not making any progress.
I felt like a dumb *ss girl.
I hate when I can't do stuff!
As I am standing there fiddling around with the strap, one of the handsome young men from the dumpster next to me asked if we needed help.
I decided to just give in at this point and surrender to being a chick. " Yes, can you help us unlatch these please?!?" (giggle, smile, wink)
" Sure!" He says and comes right over.

As we are standing there watching him untie our load, he starts up a conversation.
Clearly I have lost my game because I could have totally taken advantage of this poor guy.
I am willing to bet he would have unloaded all the wood out of the truck if i had played my cards right.

Instead, I dropped the " H" word.

He asked what we were working on and details about the project.
 Hypnotized by my beauty, I am sure.
 I told him what was up and then he asked if we were
" Doing it all yourselves?!"
 To which I naively replied " No, my husband is."
This is when his smile melted off his face, he gave me the stink eye and after undoing tie down number 4, he dropped it like a hot potato and said " Oh, cool." and walked away.

Leaving me to do a man's job of unloading .22 tons of lumber.
I wonder if I had told him I was 3 month pregnant he would have reacted differently? Probably not...


samantha spencer said...

I constantly have troubles with the tie downs too. Except, I can never remember what they are called and always call them "strap ons" at the most inappropriate times...

Katia said...

This is so funny! And thanks a lot for getting that song in my head ;-)