Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekend Warriors Part 3 & Cookie Sheets in my Ceiling.

This weekend we got down and dirty and made some serious progress on our upstairs.
It has been almost a year since we moved in and made plans to renovate!
So many other projects took priority and it fell to the back burner.
Now that we are on a little more of a time constraint as I need a place to put the nursery, work has began.

We had the help of a few wonderful friends who came over to help with the demo.
 I would like to point out, that this demolition of the walls and windows was a little bittersweet for me. You may remember that over the summer I spent a week or two up there scraping wallpaper off the walls and sanding, priming and painting all the window frames and trim.
Originally, the plan was to keep the windows and drywall over the existing walls.
That has since changed and we decided to start from bare bones.
Which I think is the right decision, however, I just wasted my precious time scraping and painting!



We tore down all the wood off the walls and ceilings to expose the beams.
Most of the wood was in good shape and we kept it and stacked it up in the basement.
We want to use it to build some reclaimed wood type projects around the house.
Everything else was tossed out the window into the back yard and then loaded in the truck to take to the dump.

Now that all the walls are down.
We can redo  the electrical and add outlets, since there are only 2 on the entire floor!
Then we insulate, add new windows and drywall.
Simple, right?!

After ripping all the wood down, we found a tin cup with cats on it, a few cookie sheets and some paper doll clothes drawn with crayons shoved in the ceiling and walls.

I hope none of our friends get lead poisoning from the paint on the walls we torn down.
From what I read, you really only have severe reactions when you are constantly exposed over an extended amount of time.
So.... they should be fine... I think.


Cameron said...

Good luck with it all! Hopefully everything goes as planned!

Angela said...

Wow!! You guys are doing such a great job!! Isn't being a weekend warrior a great feeling? :) It's looking really good!!
And cookie sheets?!?!

Katia said...

What a darling space for your little one! Please tell me your going to make a kids hide out behind that little door! :-)

graciepie said...

We are planning on putting a bathroom back there actually, but that is phase 2 of the remodel!