Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to the Hotel California

This last week, I felt like a prisoner in my own home.
I took 2 days off work due to a bad sinus & ear infection.
Which meant I slept for 13 hours, then relocated to the couch and watched t.v. until I fell asleep again, then woke up, ate, watched more t.v and went to bed at midnight.
I was useless.
And so was Bentley

When I finally went to the Dr. and got some medicine to feel better, it snowed.
It snowed a lot.
Which meant taking more days of work off.

Then it rained
The rain froze & it snowed again.
Leaving the hubs and me trapped inside our house.
I have never seen anything like it before.
We have had snow and we have had ice storms, but we haven't had the two together!
It created a huge mess.
Knocking down a lot of our trees, ruining my plants
 ( That i had even moved out of harms way undercover before the snow)
and sealing up our cars like giant ice cubes.

After missing almost an entire week of work, Steve and I spent over an hour scraping and defrosting our cars so we could get to work on Friday.

This is the snow on top of my car and the 1 inch layer of ice on top of the snow.

This is the side of the car.
It literally looked like someone hosed it down and it froze in action.

This is the layer of ice i worked on for 30 min on the windshield.

Solid layer of ice on the windows and doors.

The front

My broken tool.

Finally it warmed up the next weekend and rained and melted everything away, leaving us with another mess and flooding.
Thank you mother nature.


Nikki said...

What a week it was! We lost power Wednesday and it didn't come back on until Sunday night. Still no cable or internet! I feel you on the plant front. We lost a ton of trees and I'm pretty sure that shade garden I planted is now a sun garden.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Angela said...

And we STILL have snow at our house. Althought it was raining this AM so it's probably gone by now.