Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Prepared are we?

Just what i needed.
Another show to waste my time on.

I happened to DVR this new series out of curiosity.
It was interesting, I didn’t realize how devoted some people are to preparing for Armageddon .
It was fascinating to see all the hours of prep time and stock piling families went through to ensure their survival when the world ends.
Most of them not only had an escape plan, 15 plus years of food and water and a self sufficient energy source, but also a through defense plan as well.
They all knew that the rest of the unprepared people in the world would be coming for them in despair and they were prepared to defend their homes and food supplies at all costs. 

I watched this show thinking it was nuts.
 I think being prepared for a natural disaster and having an escape plan and survival kit is a good idea.
We should all do that.
 However, if the world is coming to an end I have come to terms with going out with a bang.
I really don’t see the point in living inside a metal shipping container and eating canned chicken for 20 years to ensure the survival of mankind… or just to continue living.
What is the point? 
In my opinion, when we die, that is not the end.
Although, I don’t want to die anytime soon, I also am not as afraid of death as I once was.
 I understand it in a different way than I used to.
So I suppose the idea of leaving the earth for now with the rest of mankind seems like a better option to me than to live on earth without Jersey Shore and Red Robin french Fries.  

The next morning Steve asked me what I thought about the show.
 I told him I thought what these people were doing was kind of a waste of time.
 I think we should be prepared for months without power & have supplies ready in the case that Mt. Rainier blew or a major earthquake happened.
But in the case that the world is coming to an end and it’s like Zombie Land…. I will skip the double tap and bow out.
Steve on the other hand, thought all the views on the show were reasonable and was toying with the idea of submerging our own metal shipping container underground in the back yard.
Like a make shift bomb shelter, where we could store supplies and live if needed.
 We could connect it to our basement for easy access. 
To which I responded “ Do you think we need a permit for that?”


Lindsi said...

Hahaha! Howard watches this show!!

Nikki said...

This show would probably scare the daylights out of me. If we have a disaster of that scale...I'll probably off myself. I'm not a fighter. Unless I have children of course...I'm already a little worried about my dogs.