Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Rude!

I found this article on an old MSN archive and thought it was pretty funny and clever.
As a life long Full House fan and John Stamos's future exwife, I just had to share.

The article starts by talking about Stephanie Tanners tell all book that she came out with in real life
addressing her meth addiction and alcohol.

It then brings up that Jodie Sweetin is probably the least interesting character from the show (True) and if the other cast members were to write a book, what would they each be about?

Here are the suggestions:

This brutally honest autobiography would tell the story of Coulier's humble beginnings in the Canadian comedy troupe Duck's Breath to his starring role as Uncle Joey on "Full House" to whatever he's doing now. And when it comes to his steamy romance with Alanis Morissette, we oughtta know!

TV's D.J. Tanner teams up with her born-again evangelical brother Kirk ("Growing Pains") to tell the story of their remarkable childhoods. I'm pretty sure we know Kirk's story about getting involved in drugs and other Hollywood excesses before finding God, but I'd like to find out if there are any skeletons in Candace's past. Did she ever collapse on a treadmill while trying to lose weight in real life? Did she have a romantic fling with "Full House" guest star and teen recording sensation Tommy Page? We're waiting for answers, Candace.

(Does anyone else remember watching that Anorexia movie in high school staring Candace?!)

As Uncle Jesse, John Stamos got to show off his drumming prowess with the Beach Boys and his fictional band, The Rippers, but no matter what he was doing, Stamos was always upstaged his hair. This book would be the untold story of the hunky actor's battle to climb out of the significant shadow of his well-coiffed mane.

( Neat fact- I saw John play in concert with the Beach Boys at the Puyallup Fair when I was little!)

The billionaire twins talk about their big break playing baby Michelle Tanner on "Full House," and their eventual resentment (I'm guessing) of their parents for forcing them to spout catchphrases on the sickeningly sweet sitcom. The memoir details the triumphant day when they finally got up the courage to tell their father, "You're in big trouble, mister."

(Do you remember when you first found our Michelle Tanner was actually played by two different people? That blew my 1st grade mind)

Ever since becoming ABC's go-to guy for family entertainment, the "Full House" dad and corny "America's Funniest Home Videos" host has gone out of his way to tell people how filthy his stand-up act is. We get it, Bob, you've got a raunchy sense of humor. But we'd still pick up this book about how he went from playing neat freak Danny Tanner to telling unconscionably dirty jokes at comedy clubs.

( Sometimes instead of God D*mn it, I yell Bob Seget!)

Finally, in the most anticipated "Full House" memoir of all, TV's Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) gives a no-holds-barred account of her topsy-turvy journey from lowly commercial actor to breakout sitcom star. But her meteoric skyrocket to fame had it consequences (I'm guessing), as she was forever branded as the annoying neighbor. Foreword by Jaleel White (TV's Steve Urkel).

(Six from Blossom was my favorite annoying neighbor, no one liked Gibbler)

Did somebody say "Woooooood??!"


Lindsi said...

Hahaha! Too funny! Thanks for the flashbacks and laughs!

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness...I would read all of those. I thought Candace was murdered by Kevin from the wonder years. So confused. And I forgot all about Kimmy Gibbler!