Thursday, February 23, 2012

If I were the Mayor of Renton....

I would make some changes downtown.
There is so much potential, but one thing moves in at a time and then struggles and closes.
Then something else makes a go of it.
If we could just get everyone to open shop at the same time, it would be a success!!

So, in my day dreaming and emailing I came up with the perfect DTR scenario.
Then I would  put in a breakfast restaurant or PCC type market in the old big 5 place instead of moving the literature further into the hood, where no children have toys to play on. 

Secondly,  something would move into the original Armondo’s spot on the corner.
A neighborhood type restaurant that has breakfast all day and uses local ingredients.
Something like Wild Wheat in downtown Kent.
Been there?
It's delish.

Seriously though,why hasn't anyone moved in that building yet?!
It’s the best location on the whole street.  

Or maybe we need a little home décor/ gift/ flower shop to go in there!
 Even better idea, Liberty cafe' (Voted best coffee in Renton) across the street needs to move in there and expand and add some food.
Because I need snacks with my coffee.

Then something smaller could move into the old Liberty Café unit next to the tattoo place.
It's so tiny in there.
That could house….hmmm what would fit in there… I know….A FROZEN YOGURT shop!
That is what needs to go there.
I should be Mayor.

I love the antique stores and Happy Delusions, but i really am craving some more kitsch.
We  need to add in a quirky little shop like
They are kinda like Archie Mcphee but with more functional items.
If you have ever been in Archie Mcphee's you know how amazing it is, but you can't find a single use for anything in there!

And last but not least there should be a vintage clothing store.
Something like Red Light maybe?
It could carry vintage home decor too though.

Before I forget, have you been in that Pop Corn store yet?!
I laughed so hard at this place when it moved in.
I mean really, a shop that sells only popcorn... in downtown Renton no less.
I expected it to last a few weeks.
Somehow, it is still there.
Last month I went in....
Apparently one of their flavors (White Truffle Bliss) was on Oprah's Favorite things list and now they ship all over and make all their popcorns right there in the building.
You have to check it out.
It is completely random, but really fun.

What triggered this reorganization of Renton in my head was the opening of a new restaurant that seems to be rather successful in a short amount of time.
Which is yet another of good ol' Gene's restaurant Ventures.
Maybe we should make HIM mayor.
Actually, I think he might be on City Counsel.
He is pretty much the Tom Douglas of Renton.
Every new place that opens, it turns out he had a hand in.

I ate there.
It was good, a little pricey I thought.
It's fancy pizza.
They need more sides and salads in my opinion AND Beer.
Which they are working on we were told.

Anyway, there are a lot of great things happening downtown right now and I want to encourage everyone to take the time to try out the new restaurants and go in the shops that make this little neighborhood what it is.
Eat local, shop local, support where you live.
Or move to Ballard.

Aaaaand one more thing:
Can Trader Joes just move into the Landing already?!
I think it's about time.

"Renton, hey at least we're not Kent."


Katia said...

Sounds perfect! I wish you could be Mayor ;-)

Angela said...

Hey! I take offense to that last quote missy!

Nikki said...

Yes! I heard TJ's didn't think we were their clientele...they put one in Burien though.

How about a gracie pie shop?

Kiara Buechler said...

Hi! I found you through A Sorta Fairytale's blog. I've yet to go into the popcorn store, I think I'll make an effort to do that this weekend! And a big Amen to wanting TJ's to open at The Landing, that would be just about the best thing ever.

andrea said...

I love EVERYTHING (literally, EVERYTHING) you just proposed. I am bummed to the max that the library is moving. But, my thoughts were that if it had to happen, then they should transform the current library building into a restaurant. how cute would that be perched above the river in lil 'ol Renton..??
Also, a Red Light type store in Renton would be an answer to my prayers. Maybe I'll just go ahead and open one....I mean, lord knows I prob have enough crap of my own to get one started.... ;)

graciepie said...

Kiara- you won't be disapointed.

Andrea- we need to go into business together.

graciepie said...

Nikki- For some weird reason I am much more inclined to open a home decor type store over a bakery! The food biz is rough.

And yes, Burien got a T.J.'s and so did Lynnhood. Doesn't quiet add up does it?!

Angela... atleast it's North Kent and I onlt have to pass TWO bikini Baristas on the way to your house.

Nikki said...

Do it! I'll resell you my thrift store finds at a great rate ;)

Anonymous said...

As co-owner of Not A Number Cards & Gifts, I want to thank the poster for their nice comments. Find us a place with cheap enough rent, and we'll consider opening in Renton!

graciepie said...

That would be a dream come true! Thanks for reading!!