Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Warriors Part 5 :Insulatate and then Inflate

Each day something new is getting done in our house.
I love this lightening speed we are moving along at!
Cross your fingers we don't run into any glitches or find dead bodies stuffed in the floors.
That could set us back a bit.
Last weekend we had spray insulation put in the exterior walls and ceilings.
Prior to this, there was zero insulation in there.
 This house is old.
They didn't use anything... besides news paper, and apparently cookie sheets in  the walls.
Along with the new windows, it is not only cool in the heat, warm in the cold, but also quite!
There is a huge improvement on the noise that we used to hear from outside.

In action


Once this was completed, we were able to start putting up the sheet rock.
 One room has walls now!
Only a couple more hundred square feet to go.


Nikki said...

What about cat mugs? Those are perfect insulators!

graciepie said...

Hmmm... you may be on to something Nikki...

samantha spencer said...

did you get pse to pay for half of it? thats our mission, i was just wondering how the process went...

graciepie said...

No, we didnt qualify because we didnt do the entire house! Same with windows, we didnt qualify because you have to have a fully insulated home plus windows. We got the shaft. We will be able to apply it to next years taxes though, but the max rebate you can get is 1500.00. Not even close to what we paid for everything. :(