Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ships Ahoy it's a BOY!

We are having a baby boy!!!
In just 4.5 short months no less.

Let's play make believe for a minute.

To get a preview of what if yet to come in the near future,
here are two photos of the hubs and me with my friend's babies.

Awww we look like naturals don't we?!
Okay, maybe not.
We both look a little afraid to touch them.


Tasia said...

So happy for your family, Congratulations!!!

Kiara Buechler said...

Congratulations! I was always tentative when holding babies, but the moment I had my own I had all the confidence in the world that handling him wouldn't break him.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Yay!! Seriously, boys are the BEST! So excited for you!

Nikki said...

Yay for you guys! Total naturals, you guys are going to be great parents... well I don't know your Husband but if he fails you'll make up for it. Just kidding...you guys will rock it!

Katia said...

Yay! Congrats! Get ready to fall in love :-)