Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl on a learning curve

Things I learned from the Super Bowl this year

-I had no idea there was more than one Manning
-Madonna needs to retire, however she looks pretty incredible for being old enough to be my mother
-The host of the party I attended had a questionnaire game for all the guests to play.
On it were things like:
1.      How many beer commercials will be shown?
Which I misread as “ How many commercials will be shown” causing me to drastically over shoot with my answer with 24.
2. Who will the MVP be?
Since I only know the names of a midget’s handful of players I answered “ Dan Marino
(I have always been a big Ace Ventura fan.)
It was either him, or the guy who texted  photos of his junk, although I don’t know his name, just his crime.
Oh, or Tatupu.  His name is easy to remember

Obviously I didn't win any prizes from this game.

-My buffalo chicken wing dip was delightful.
- Meatballs are apparently a football staple, as 3 different guests brought crock pots of them
-The Seahawks weren’t playing in this game
-The trophy everyone kissed & touched at the end of the game was given to an old woman who wishes she was Betty White
-Pretty sure that trophy contracted some kind of STD on it’s way down the field.


Becky said...

LOL! You crack me up!
The guy who sent his junk is Brett Favre.

Krystal Regueiro said...

You crack me up poor uterus hurts from laughing so much.

Angela said...

Laces out DAN!

graciepie said...

my uterus hurts too!! lol but not from laughing...sadly.