Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend Warriors Part 4

While I hung out on the couch last weekend and took naps,
Steve, my dad, my sister and her BF got a lot done upstairs!
Thank you family.
 I owe ya!
 How about I reward you all with a cute little baby to take care of?
I bet you would all love that!
 You can watch it AS MUCH as your little heart desires!

The insulation we are installing ourselves is in.
The new windows are installed.

Electrical is done and framing is up.
The interior spray insulation happens today!
If that wasn't enough to do, we decided to expose the chimney in the stairwell too!




The lighting I ordered also arrived , along with the radiant floor heating we ordered.

Love it!?

Then, as if we haven't spent enough money, we went and bought a new King size mattress for our new bed!!

We are getting a lot done, I can't wait for the finished product.

Hope you have a great weekend.
We will be home, gettin' dirty!



Carly said...

Radiant floor heating? Heaven! Also, that light is gorgeous!

Angela said...

Love that picture of Steve!! He looks exhausted but happy! :)