Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 26 & finally showing!

Well, here it is.... the belly.
I'm told there is a baby inside there.
Not quite convinced though, I leaning more toward Red Robin french fries and cereal.

No crazy cravings to report. 
No stretch marks, knock on wood.
 This week in " What to Expect" I read that I might be experiencing hemorrhoids.... really? 
Why did no one warn me about this?
Thankfully I have not encountered this, side effect, if you will, but it's something like 80% of woman get them from pregnancy or giving birth.
This is apparently motherhood's best kept secret that I never heard about.
All I heard was "You should have a baby, it's God's greatest gift."
Not the truth, which is more like:
"You can't eat goat cheese, your varicose veins will take over your legs like a road map, you could get hemorrhoids from the pressure of your own uterus and stretch marks are hereditary so you can't actually do anything to prevent them."

And it's all down hill from here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The walk in closet, er.... uh, I mean "nursery" in progress

Check out my new glider and ottoman I found on... you guessed it, Craigslist.
It should be renamed Gracieslist.

After we got the carpet in, we moved all the furniture that has been collecting in our living room up there.
I still need to paint the trim for the baseboards and windows and frame a few prints.
 Besides that, this room is close to done!

Steve putting things together

Me.....a hot mess on a Sunday afternoon

It was a long day

Neat retro light Steve brought home for me a couple years ago.
 It came out of his Oma's farm house from back in the day.
Glad I kept it!
This is the perfect place for it!

(Steve after practicing his nursing skills, should I tell him he probably won't be successful?!)

Hope future fetus likes his new room,
because mama doesn't have anywhere to hang her clothes now!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekend Warriors; Carpet and (most) furniture is in!

We are finally down to the final stages of finishing the upstairs!
I can't believe it has been a year since we moved in and made plans to make this wasted space liveable.
I am beyond excited to have it done and be able to decorate and unpack items that have been boxed and waiting for a place since we moved in!
I have been feeling like I was living in transition this whole time.
Not able to fully unpack and make the house my own.

Not to mention my current nesting instincts.
 I can't hardly wait to put together the nursery.
All the baby stuff has just been piling up in the corner of the living room .

Two weekends ago we finished up the dry wall and sanding every square inch of the rooms.
Monday my mom and I primered all the walls and ceilings.
The rest of the week we had a few great friends over to help us paint everything!!
Friday the carpets were installed.
Saturday the new bed & mattress came!

Here are the new stairs with lovely carpet on them. 
The replaced wall with bead board and the exposed chimney.

Not quite finished with the wall on the left side yet.


My new light over the stairs

Looking into the nursery with my leaning mirror in the corner.

Looking into the mast bedroom.
(no trim is up yet, that's why the window looks a little strange & ghetto)
My lovely king frame that I have been storing away for the last 2 years!

The hallway

We painted the ceiling and angled walls white,
lower half walls light grey 
and  the accent wall behind the bad dark grey.

The light over the bed

Still a short list of things to get done, but it looks pretty great so far!
What do ya think?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dad's 60th Birthday

Remember my dad's leap year birthday!?
I forgot to post pics from the party and show you the cake I made for him!
As I have mentioned before, he is a Trivial Pursuit fanatic, so I had to pay homage to the game.
The rest is pretty self explanatory, cars, Simpsons beer can and Chevrolet.

It was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and fresh raspberries.
Finished with vanilla Swiss butter cream icing!

Me, Amy &  my sister

Dad blowing out the candles

A few gifts

And a mini fridge for his garage. 

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Splish Splash

With the completion of the upstairs nearing... we have been discussing our next project.
The kitchen.
Originally I was planning on putting in white subway tiles below our cupboards but have recently reconsidered.
I am really liking the bead board in these inspiration pics i found.
We are definitely going to do butcher block counters along with it too.
I think these elements would fit really well with our home's character.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is this my future?

Steve really wants a puppy.
A lab, to be specific.
I keep reminding him we are expecting a baby.
I really can't fathom doing both!

Then I came across this photo of a lab and a cat that looks suspiciously like Bentley.
I added in a baby to get my point across.

Gee, I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seeing a Specialist

As if my anxiety hasn't already sky rocketed enough with pregnancy, we found out at our 20 week ultra sound apt that something was missing.

Apparently, the umbilical cord normally has two arteries and one vein.
They are in charge of transporting blood,oxygen & nourishment to and from the baby.
I only have one artery and one vein.
This is known as a "Two Vessel Cord. "

I was told it's pretty common and not a huge concern.
But, of course I was not put at ease by this information.
No one wants to hear that something  " doesn't quite look right."

The major impact this can have on the baby is that it could lack in receiving enough nutrients and in turn stunt it's growth.
Along with a slew of other things that there are minimal risks, so for now I am going to pretend they don't exists.

So after this discovery I was sent off to see a genetic counselor and have another ultra sound done.
This scan ended up taking and entire hour and I fell asleep on the table during it!
The Dr. measured all the major organ systems and checked the function of arteries.
They also printed me some more photos.
Yup, that there is a boy.
In the end it was determined that the baby is actually on the big side, which is proof that he is getting all the proper nourishment that he needs.

This was great news... but also made me nervous that I will have a 12 lb baby to deliver!
So in conclusion, my one artery is basically doing the job of two and that doesn't seem to be causing any other problems.

 My Dr. added two more ultra sounds with my regular monthly check ups to monitor and measure growth.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Things to love on a Friday!

Spring is on it's way

Love these yellow polka dot pants!


Cute family photo

Jean shirts never look this cool on me

Cleaver coffee table

 So true

Reclaimed wood wall

Vintage bottle candles

Smart bedside table

Trashy trailer cookies

A dapper tattoo in the works

Best farewell cake ever.

Have a good weekend!
I will be getting lost in Ikea.