Friday, March 2, 2012

Maternity Shopping in the Bargain Basement

Last week I realized that my work slacks didn't really fit anymore.
To avoid maternity shopping, I went to Ross.
I tried on a pair of slacks in the next size up and they were huge on me.
Which was bittersweet.
It made me feel good that I was thin enough for them to fall off of me.
However, it proved that I was going to need to invest in some actual maternity pants because just going up a size wasn't going to cut it.

I am lucky so far in the fact that I have just gained mostly belly and some muffin top, but the rest of me is still about the same size.

For my Birthday I gratefully received two gift cards for Motherhood Maternity.
What great timing, eh?!
So on President's day since I didn't have to work, my mom and I went shopping.
I chose to go to the Motherhood outlet at the Super Mall.
(Which isn't so super)
There is literally nothing out there anymore.
Not even SBC.
I was able to score an entire wardrobe for a bargain price.
Most of the items I purchased were A Pea in the Pod.
Which usually has pretty high retail prices.

Shopping off the sale racks I got tops that were originally priced at $78.00 for $19.99.
If that's not a deal, I don't know what is!

I also got a selection of pants that I will be able to wear into spring and summer.
Before I am forced to wear only Maxi dresses and flip flops because I am so uncomfortable.
Almost all the pants were buy one or get one half price too!

Here are some of the things I picked up!

This cute Charcoal top, I can wear for work or going out.
Works with jeans and slacks.

These two adorable tops.
They are the same cut, just different prints.
There is plenty of room to grow in them and they are lightweight and soft.

This cowl neck shirt.
I noticed on the website after purchasing it that it received relatively poor reviews and complaints that the fabric is itchy.
I didn't notice that when I tried it on though.
Guess I will have to wait and see.
It is also categorized as a Nursing top, the under layer you see in this photo is just a half tank underneath that can move aside.
I still don't totally understand how it works though. lol.

All the jeans and black pants I got are Indigo Blue brand.
They fit me great.
I tried on a pair from Heidi Klum's line that were very nice too, but these just fit a little better.

Boot cut

And Skinny

I also got these comfy green cargo pants that you can wear short

Or long

These soft grey Capri's

A pair of grey legging with hidden stretch belly

And a pair of tweed work slacks

These are just a few of the items I got.
I couldn't find pics online of all the clothes Ipicked up.

This was probably the largest clothing purchase I have ever made at one given time though.
I'm not gonna lie, I have bought $200.00 purses and $170.00 jeans in the past.
But never have I racked up a bill of nearly $600.00 worth of clothing in one store at one time!
Luckily after all the BOGOs , sale prices and gift cards I brought down grand total to $350.00!
That is still A LOT, but this hopefully will last me into the summer and if I get pregnant again later on I will be able to reuse most of it.

Yay for tax returns!


Angela said...

I love that charcoal top and the striped shirt!!!!

Katia said...

Cute stuff! It's so much fun embracing the belly :-)

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh, I'll never be able to wear maternity clothes...I'm too cheap!