Friday, March 9, 2012

Really?! Really.

That's what runs through my head on a daily basis now days.

After announcing my pregnancy and going public with the gender at work and with extended friends and family. Yes, extended friends. Meaning those people who know me but don't know that still sleep with my baby blanket and shave my feet.
Cat's outta the bag now...
Well, I need to get used to over sharing I suppose, I am about to squeeze a watermelon out of a pin hole
 ( as Snooki says)
for an audience and pretend I have no shame.

Anyway, since going public, I have been faced with  a handful of questions from people.
Things like:
" When are you due?"
"Have you thought about names yet?"
" How have you been feeling?"

Which I think are reasonable things to inquire.
But then we move into that grey area:

" How much weight have you gained so far?"
( Don't ask a woman her weight)

" Were you a big baby? Do you think he will be big too?"
(Yes, let's talk about how my lady parts will expand)

" Will you have a natural birth?"
( Everyone needs to keep opinions to themselves, but they don't)

" Are you going to breast feed?"
( Why, do you want a sample?)

Then there is the ultimate awkward question that I have been asked the most:
"Were you trying to get pregnant?"

This question, although usually meant to be completely innocent, just makes me say


There is no good answer to this question.
If you were someone who I would be comfortable talking about this with, chances are you wouldn't even have to ask me this, as you would already know my answer.

So how do I reply to a stranger?

Yes, I was trying.
Now we can stand here awkwardly in the elevator on the way to the office and think about me and my husband in bed together...."trying."


No, I was not trying.
Which is then followed by awkward silence, still trapped on the same dang elevator and you are thinking about how irresponsible and ungrateful I am.

I think with all things considered, I should get the benefit of the doubt.
I am almost 30 & married.
Chances are I was trying.
But, why even go there?!

Everyone should just stick to " Congratulations!"


Ms. Mae said...

You hit it right on gracie. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the overload of advice and opinions. Lol....CONGRATULATIONS!

Nikki said...

I think you should retort with things equally uncomfortable...

Q: Were you trying?"
A: I've been trying since I was 12

Q: Were you a big baby?
A: Let's just say my Mom wears Depends now

Q: Are you breastfeeding?
A: Oh yea, there's nothing I want more than sore, cracked nipples

Becky said...

When someone asked me one time if I was trying to get pg...I replied with I don't even know how this happened.

People are just idiots! I've had the worst questions asked.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me how it happened when I got pregnant and so I politely responded I swallowed!

Katia said...

Lol, lol, lol! Thanks for the early morning laugh ;-) What kind of people are you hanging around? I think the worst I ever got was the stangers rubbing the belly. Ewww... Now I know if I run into you around Renton, I'll just stick to "Congratulations"!